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Birdhat Beard Oil keeps your beard and skin moisturized all day without feeling greasy.


the best thing is to moisturize your beard and skin Is the oil your own skin produces; sebum.

You know what the problem with Sebum is? by the time your skin excretes enough to make your beard feel delicious, you probably don't smell too delicious.

So, you take a shower to freshen up (thank you) but you strip your skin of all of that moisture.

People try to replace that moisture by using lotions or moisturizers, but they're not the same, because they don't have those triglycerides, wax esters, and squalene your sebum contains.

But guess what?

birdhat beard oil’s ingredients naturally contain all of the components that your skin's sebum contains, except that birdhat comes in 7 different fragrances that actually smell pretty Fantastic.

Plus, lets talk about these bottles

Our bottles are thicker than a bowl of oatmeal, and designed so you don't waste a drop.

You know how frustrating it is when you get to the bottom of a bottle of hand soap and you can never get that last little bit out of the bottle?

Our bottles are designed so that the dropper plugs directly into a funnel integrated into the bottom of the bottle so that every last drop is piped right into your hand without having to turn the bottle over.





USE one of OUR BOAR BRISTLE BEARD BRUSHes because it SWEEPs BIRDHAT BEARD OIL evenly THROUGH YOUR BEARD, exfoliates your skin skin, removes excess beard oil, and feels dope.

Whatever your beard looks like, it'll look better with Birdhat.



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Join the Beard Gang

Give yourself one less thing to worry about and join the Birdhat Beard Gang!

When you Join the Birdhat Beard Gang, we’ll send you a bottle of your favorite Birdhat fragrance every one, two, or three months.

Simply select your fragrance preferences, and we manage reorder and delivery on an ongoing basis. We’ll always send you a reminder email before we charge you, and you can cancel at anytime!

Birdhat is for everybeard


Whether you have a great-big beard or a little-bitty beard, birdhat is for everybeard.

We use a light blend of natural oils to approximate your skins own oil so that it absorbs quickly into your skin and beard when you use it. 


Moroccan Argan oil

JojobA OIL

Wheat Germ oil

grapeseed oil


castor oil

essential oils


Conspicuously Modest


While each of our fragrances are designed to be deep and complex, we add only a modest amount of essential oils as a fragrance to our beard oils so it won't overwhelm your nose.


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